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100% Money Back Guarantee

You may cancel your subscription for any reason within 30 days by calling 1-800-776-4940. A full refund will be applied to your credit card within 24 business hours of your call and you'll be thanked for taking the time to try TC2000.

Lifetime Cancellation Policy

You may cancel at any time during the life of your subscription and receive a full refund for remaining paid, unused months. Free bonus months and free service credits are not refundable.

1-Year & 2-Year Auto Renewals

For your convenience, your subscription will be automatically renewed to prevent service interruption. Auto renewals are processed at regular rates. Special offers and sales are one-time opportunities and are not grandfathered or guaranteed to be offered in the future. Regular rates are as follows: TC2000 Gold service is $29.99 per month. TC2000 Platinum service is $89.98 per month. One year terms are charged for ten months of service and given two free months. Two year terms are charged for eighteen months of service and given six free months. Rates are subject to change but you will be given at least 60 days notice if they do.

Monthly Service

Your credit card will be charged the monthly rate on the same calendar day of each month. If you cancel, your service will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

Multiple Devices or Computers

You may install TC2000 to as many computers or devices as you would like, however, you may only use it from one device at any point in time. Running TC2000 simultaneously on a second device will automatically disconnect the first device.


Investing or trading in the stock market or any investment issue or security is considered speculative and any individual that chooses to invest or trade in any kind of securities should perform his/her own due diligence before making any decision. Investors and Traders should use information contained in TC2000 or any other product of Worden Brothers, Inc. (WBI) or from any employee of WBI, as basic information, and should research further before forming an opinion regarding the merits of trading in certain securities. Statements and information are subject to individual interpretation and are not recommendations for any security or any product of any nature. All information, software, data, charts, printed materials, websites and webinar materials from WBI are for educational purposes only are not to be construed to be investment advice. Information and data is believed to be true and accurate but errors do and will occur. Using services from Worden Brothers, Inc. shall not create an offer to buy or sell stock in any security in which information is disseminated nor shall it create any relationship, agency or otherwise between the buyer/user of a product and WBI. Worden Brothers, Inc. and its employees in no event, shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever with respect to any information published in its software, websites, email, social networking, telephone or any other medium. Investing and/or trading in stocks can result in significant or complete loss of your trading capital. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The following are registered trademarks or trademarks of Worden Brothers, Inc:

TC2000, TeleChart, TeleChart 2000, EasyScan, StockFinder, MoneyStream, Time Segmented Volume, TSV, Balance of Power, BOP, AccuTick, Backscanner, Trade Slider, Winning Stock Selection Simplified, The Chart Reader's Playground

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